About Us

As professional property cash investors, we understand that there are many challenges to selling your house on the open market.

In today’s financial climate, homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their land and property.

First time buyers are often seeing their mortgages offers through even though they are initially approved. This has resulted in many sales falling through, with the properties usually ending back up on the market at a discounted rate.

It is taking homeowners up to a year to sell their houses through estate agents and, for many people, this is time they cannot afford to lose.

Your mortgage may be in arrears and you may need a quick sale to prevent repossession; you may be planning on emigrating and need to vacate your property immediately. Whatever your current circumstances, there are many reasons why selling your house for cash may be beneficial.

At Fast House Sales, we are dedicated in offering an efficient and uncomplicated sale of your property. Eliminating the risk of a potential lost sale through a broken chain, we guarantee a purchase, regardless of your situation.

We buy properties that are in poor condition; meaning you do not need to decorate to generate interest. We remove the stress from this otherwise exasperating ordeal; providing you with the liberty to focus on your future plans.

We also buy properties that the banks have labeled “unmortgageable”.

To find out how you could be free of your property in less than a month, contact us today for no obligation advice. One of our expert and trustworthy advisors is waiting to hear from you.


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