Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to remain in my home after the sale has completed?
You cannot do this. Recent regulations from the FSA prevent our investors from offering you this service.
What will I be charged?
Nothing! We will pay up to £800 for your legal fees and all of our other services are completely free of charge.
When will I be paid?
You will typically receive your cash lump sum in 28 days, as soon as the sale has completed.
How much will I make?
This is subject to the property itself and we cannot give you an exact figure until a final offer has been made.
What’s the catch?
There is no catch and we are completely honest in the portrayal of our company.
Why use Fast House Sales?
We offer a free, no obligation service and employ a team of compassionate and trusted individuals to find the best solutions for your case.
Does the process involve work on my part?
Not at all. All you have to do is sit back and watch us take care of all the hard work.
How soon can you stop repossessions?
We can prevent your home from being repossessed in just a few hours.
Will anyone know I am selling?
Who you tell and who you don’t is completely up to you. We assure complete client confidentiality.
How do you work out the market value of my home?
We calculate value by analysing data from historical sales. In addition to this, we evaluate the current market trends.
Can I buy the property back from you?
This is certainly a possibility and something that may be discussed in your meeting with our property consultant.
Will you buy my property if it is in bad condition?
Yes, we can buy any property in any condition.


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